What Is a Reflection Essay and How to Write a Killer One?

Students are all used to having tons of different essays they are supposed to write. A reflection essay is just another name on the list. Only a few students can answer the question “What is a reflection essay?” correctly.

In fact, it’s more than just a title. Essay reflection is difficult to write since they compose an analysis of certain life experiences. Such things are quite hard to put together sometimes.

Nevertheless, reflective essays are common in college, university, and even high school. Students are expected to train their mastery in examining certain events, detailing their impressions and opinions, and then using these reflections to analyze the topic at the core of it. Personal reflection essay examples must be consistent and coherent to look clear to the readers.

Students must learn how to write a reflective essay, applying a personal approach and supporting their ideas. They should be able to demonstrate how the experience changed their personality and what impressions and emotions they lived through.

Sounds exactly what you’ve been looking for? Read ahead!

How to Write a Reflection Essay?

A reflection essay is a form of creative writing which relies on situation analysis through self-reflection. In other words, students experience or learn about the event first and then express their views on it.

A student involved in academic writing should know how to write a reflection essay. Any deviation from standard style and form can ruin it and make the essay look like creative writing of a different kind.

Thus, to write a reflection on English class essay or any other subject, a writer can use the following reflection essay template.

1. Start with the description of the event.

2. Express your feelings about it.

3. Evaluate the situation in general.

4. Analyze the event to make more sense of it.

5. Conclude on its meaning and importance.

6. If you experienced it again, what would you do?

If you keep the structure within this guidance, you are likely to produce a wonderful reflection essay. Pay attention that you should both describe the event and analyze it in your essay for it to qualify as a reflective one.

What Else Should You Know About Reflection Essay?

If you find it hard to understand how to start a reflection essay, here is the best tip we can give you: start with the right topic. All reflection essay samples you find on the Internet are great because their authors were genuinely interested in what they wrote about.

You need to be inspired by what you write about to fulfill your potential and produce a good text. Thus, be critical when you choose reflection essay topics.

Here are a few options for you:

  1. How does the beauty of sunset impact you?
  2. How did you feel at your first job interview?
  3. What do you feel when you fight with a family member over something?
  4. How do you feel about your house and why?
  5. Your first day in college: How was it?
  6. Traveling: How do you feel about exploring new destinations?
  7. How did you feel on the day your parents bought a pet for you?

The Best Reflective Essay Format

To help you structure your essay better, let’s start by answering “What is a reflective essay format?” It’s easy. Like any other essay, it should have a proper introduction, body, and conclusion. However, it really matters what you write in each of these parts.


To catch readers’ attention, start by describing the event. It’s important to make people interested in reading your essay. If you fail to achieve it, following the right reflective essay format doesn’t matter that much.


Proceed with explaining how you feel about the situation; evaluate and analyze it. Make your essay personal so that others could understand your ideas and impressions. Share what you have in mind openly and honestly.


In this section, the format of reflective essay requires you to both summarize key points and provide an action plan if the same event happens again. You should not only lead your readers to the logical ending of the essay but provide them with an understanding of whether you want this event to repeat or not.

Why Do You Need a Reflection Essay Outline?

You should start an essay with an outline. Creating a good reflection essay outline is a must. The format of this kind of essay is so complicated that you can easily get drawn by other unrelated thoughts. A nice outline will serve as an anchor for you.

So, the question is “What is the best reflective essay outline format?” The answer to it depends on your goals. If an outline is a means for you to stick to the topic and structure, you can write it in the way you see fit. If you need to submit a college essay outline for self reflection, it should meet all format requirements.

In both cases, your outline should bring you back to your topic if you feel that you are getting distracted. Its main goal is to help you write your essay according to all academic standards and make it interesting to readers.

The Importance of Reflection Essay

A well-written reflection essay is an effective way to talk about your feelings, ideas, and impressions concerning certain experiences. The array of these experiences is wide. You can reflect on a course, book, or even school party. In that case, you’ll end up having a course reflection essay or a behavior reflection essay.

This assignment helps you express your thoughts better. However, it’s also an effective way to learn to write academically, starting with a self reflection essay outline and ending with an essay itself.

Teachers love such assignments because they, in spite of being too time-consuming, help students apply their writing skills to frame their thoughts and ideas. Personal reflection essays are very practical. They usually describe memorable experiences and events. Contrary to that idea, other essays discuss hypothetical situations or social matters where students are only allowed to write their ideas if they find evidence to support them.

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